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Specification Standardization



Too many times in the past few years I have come across customers that have cloned Specifications such as Heattreat and Plating specs. The problem is that in this QS world they have added them to their prints and left us to find someone that can certify to them. I have most recently been part of an APQP process and the parts have called out A Japaneze companies internal design Specs and we are left to sending these components to Switzerland to have heattreated and Plated. Seems a waste of time and money when the plating is a basic Electroless nickel and nothing special with the heattreat. Seems that someone would have written a comprehensive cross reference that could be referred to when quoting. Just a comment and maybe a suggestion. Thanks for letting me sprout off for a minute.

Jim Biz

Just my 2 cents - from your post I gather you don't control the design OR the process.

If that's correct you may want to think about suggesting to your customer that these aspects be looked into.. as an improvement factor. Possible cost savings available?


Thanks for the reply. You are correct that we don't control the design. I have requested that our customer supply us with an equivalent standard or an approved supplier list. We are going to supply these parts to a company based in the United States. The problem arrises that for them to do anything they have to go back to Japan. This is where I have been for about a month now. I still feel that if we had a cross reference list of standards that we could specify at the time we quote that we would process to an industry standard and that it was equivalent to what was specified on the design record that alot of cost and time would be saved. Again thanks for the reply.
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