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Our company has two sites. Each site is being registered separately: one is registered to QS 9001; the second site will be non-design.

My concern is Management Responsibility. Executive Management is at the registered site with one individual at the sister site. My concern is Management Review as well as other matters that could confuse an auditor's perception. Obviously I'll be contacting our registrar about this matter.

I am interested in any innovative responses from some who have gone through a similar situation.



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Typically when registering separately they're only interested in the top dogs at each specific site.

barb butrym

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absolutely.....the management for each site performs the review of its own site...unless of course you define it differently in your procedure...let me ask the million dollar question.....what makes sense for the company? Where do resourse actions come from?

barb butrym

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and .........where are the responsibility functions? If the guy responsible for an element is at the other site, how does that effect the review of the sister site system? You can do seperate reviews, but with appropriate people for either site.... back to the same thing...what makes sense, adds value?
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