Splitting a factory for ISO 14001 Registration Scope



I am a consultant and got this question from a potential client. I thought I would see if anyone out there has any experience with this. I believe I know the answer, but told the client I would research it with others in the 14001 business.

Is it allowed ( or common) to have a scope of 14001 certification like this.......
A small company (80 employees) has two businesses. 1) manufacturing processing equipment and selling the equipment and 2) a separate business using their own equipment to actually perform the further processing.

We want to (need to) get 14001 certification for the "processing" business only. This section of our business has 15 employees.
Our waste streams are mostly separate.....only common is our common garbage dumpster..... our sanitary & storm water are separate. Our buildings are adjacent to each other with a door through the dividing wall.

From what I can see in the 14001 standard, we should be able to separate the businesses and certify only the Processing business.

Is this true ????


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I know this can be done with ISO 9001. I would assume that it would also work for ISO 14001.


True...... I have seen it many times for 9000, but I have never seen it for 14000. That is why I am asking this forum. It appears to me that most (or all) 14000 certs seem to be for an entire "facility" or "site".

Anyone out there seen a 14000 cert that splits a business ??


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Hi jppii, glad to see you finally got here:bigwave:

One of these klods here ought to be able to help verify what we talked about....except energy;)

Randy Stewart

We went the opposite way. What we did was register our manufacturing area and left the office (engineering, admin, etc.) out of our initial scope. They are only separated by double doors!
Talk with your auditor and let them know what you are planning on doing so you can define it in your scope. Our registrar didn't have a problem with it, but we had to be careful on how we structured the system. It has since carried over into the "office" areas so that the whole plant is registered.
Spend some time developing your programs scope. Talk it over with your registrar to ensure there are no conflicts before they arrive. It was fairly easy to do as long as that "SCOPE" was understood.
Let me know if I can help.
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