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Splitting UI (User Interface) into two development paths

Ed Panek

QA RA Small Med Dev Company
We have a firmware controlled device that interfaces to the user via a smartphone device. If we wanted to develop a web-based application could we develop unique features on that UI without implementing it on our smartphone app UI? If so, how would the DHF change?

Engineering is trying to reduce the testing burden.


Staff member
Super Moderator
Those, to me, are very difficult questions to answer without knowing substantially more about the applications.

Depending on your claims / intended use / user needs, there may not be an issue having unique features on the web-based app. (Although it would seemingly be contrary to typical approaches where you have less features on the phone app).

Have you considered the risk of having unique features on the web-based app?

By "reducing the testing burden" are you trying to limit scope (less features to test), trying to reduce the level of effort of testing (just superficially show compliance to the requirements), or something else (maybe minimize unit-level testing or integration testing)?

Ed Panek

QA RA Small Med Dev Company
We have a new clinical customer base that prefers accessing our data via a web based application over smart device (Makes sense in hospitals). The developers were asking me if they have a web app request do they also need to release the same feature on the smart device application?
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