SSBB Qualifications and Experience Requirements




I'd like to apply to sit for the ASQ SSBB test, but since I don't have quality experience I was wondering if I meet the experience requirements.

Basically, I'm a Professional Engineer(Civil) with 6 years of experience in the Construction Industry. Most of my experience has been in Scheduling and Project Controls. I did notice that the current BOK has the following categories which clearly apply to my daily job:

5. Project performance measurements
Identify and evaluate performance measurements (e.g., cost, revenue, delivery, schedule,
customer satisfaction) that connect critical elements of the process to key outputs. (Analyze)

C. Project management (PM) tools
Identify and use the following PM tools to track projects and document their progress. (Evaluate)
1. Gantt charts
2. Toll-gate reviews
3. Work breakdown structure (WBS)
4. RACI model (responsible, accountable, consulted and informed)
D. Analytical tools
Identify and use the following analytical tools throughout the DMAIC cycle. (Apply)
1. Affinity diagrams
2. Tree diagrams
3. Matrix diagrams
4. Prioritization matrices
5. Activity network diagrams

The only problem is that I have never used all these tools for a quality project. I've used most of them on typical construction projects(ie: building the WBS and schedule for a roadway project, building, etc). I sent ASQ an e-mail, but they want me to submit an application first.

The other question I have is regarding the project requirement. I'm a decent computer programmer and pretty much about once every 1-2 years I think of ways of improving the processes in the departments in which I work by building apps to automate said processes. For example, 2 years ago, I developed an app that basically replaced for completely one of the engineers in our department. Currently, I'm developing another app that will decrease the workload of our 6 person department by 20-30% by automating some very important tasks, this will lead to us completing our deliverables faster, and doing the job with less people. My question is, would projects like these meet the guidelines for a black belt project if I document them or do they have to be quality related?

I'm just curious if anyone here had any similar experience applying for the exam.

Thank you,
This would be a good question to post on the ASQ group site on Linked-In, you will get a direct answer that way. I was unable to take this exam because I could not get full documentation on my projects from my company, like you, I had simply gone ahead and done things, without all the documentation I needed. I settled for the Green Belt exam since I did not need the projects for that.
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