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SSGB vs. CQE certification?

Hi all, I have worked in medical device industry for almost 4 years as QE (2 yrs)/QA (1.5 yrs) engineer. But I still have considered myself still "green" in Quality world. I pursued my Master Degree in Biomedical Engineer. I'm really interested in quality support design control of new product development and it also will be my long term career goal.

I'm qualified taking both Six Sigma Green Belt or CQE. I think CQE would help for my long term career goal but I'm not confident that I will pass CQE test at my first attempt ( stat is my weakness). I have skimmed over both Green Belt and CQE sample exams and I feel more comfortable taking Green Belt exam for my short term goal.

Should I study and earn my SSGB cert first? or should I directly pursue CQE cert? Do you think SSGB will help me to pass CQE exam easier? SSGB cert will fit into my long term career goal? Please advise, I really appreciate:thanx: it.
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I have both, so I'll offer my opinion. The CQE is math intensive. I am not good at math and do not have a formal engineering degree, so I had to really dedicate myself to studying for it. I took it before the SSGB came out. I'm sure it would come easier to you because of your background, but you'll still definitely want to invest a chunk of time studying for it because of the scope.

The SSGB is nowhere near it in terms of math difficulty. The green belt is a nice short term goal and is a lifetime cert, you don't have to recertify like you do for the CQE. Having it may open opportunities to be on Six Sigma teams depending on the organization.

I think which one is more recognized depends on the organization or hiring manager. If you want a certification, I'd do the SSGB first and then plan on the CQE. Hope this helps, let me know if you have any more questions.
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