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Stability of steel material features for small bended mechanical parts


Maciej Kowalski

We are supplier of automotive industry. We have problems with stability of steel material features for small bended mechanical parts.
We seek advice on ways of cooperating with our supliers (steel-works) to attain statistical control of this material. We also seek for good supplier of steel from europe (moderate prices)
Thanks for your help and advice


Captain Nice
Staff member
This can be akin to a problem which comes up from time to time with injection molding - the design tolerances are not realistic with respect to the material characteristics. I would try to negotiate design change(s) with your customer. And, I would ensure you address the issue with your design department and look closely at such issues in future contract reviews.

You should also note that there are parts being shipped every day which are from out of control proceses by waiver or concession or deviation. Processes do exist which are inherently unstable.
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