Stability study- Plastic injection molded parts with fixture gage & digital indicator



stability studies using gage fixtures

I am hoping that someone can help me out by providing me with some information on performing stability studies on plastic injection molded parts using a fixture gage with digital indicator.

Any help in this area will be greatly appreciated. I have been given the task of creating a method and documenting it in the form of work instructions for this type of study. I am of the opinion that performing a stability study using a fixture gage is not needed, however, we were written up for this during our last audit and it must be done.


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Your fixture gage is no different than any other gage. I assume your audit was for QS-9000 so the AIAG'S MSA (measuring systems analysis) book would be a good place to start. Once you perform this study you'll see it's no big deal and will keep your auditor off your back. Just learning the process will give you some backround and allow you to argue your point.

Al Dyer


What type of master do you use for the fixture?

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