Stage 1 vs. Stage 2 - ISO 14001 Registration Audits


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Would someone please explain what Stage 1 and Stage 2 are? Is this the equivalent of ISO 9001 document review by the registrar and the registrar's assesssment audit?

The more details, the better! Thanks in advance! :thedeal:



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You are correct. Stage I is the document review, but also entails the site tour and the planning for the audit and some other tidbits (like identification of legal req's). Stage I is typically 2 days vs. the one day 900X doc review. Stage II is the conformance audit, like main assessment for 900X.

The registrar should be able to provide you with an itinerary for the Stage I audit.


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It's pretty much a standard procedure to divide the document review from the "registration"audit. I think the RAB even requires it.


Not required

You can do "back-to-back" assessment - but it is stupid and very hard for the assessors to do.


Here's additional info

You were looking for some "details", so here you go:

At Stage I, you should have the following information available:
  1. records of the environ. aspects and their assoc. impacts and the determination of sig. envir. aspects
  2. applicable regulations (including licenses and permits), agreements with authorities and any company reports
  3. environ policy
  4. objectives and targets
  5. environmental program
  6. records of communcations
  7. environ. doc required by the standard
  8. relevant documentation from QMS or H&S systems
  9. corrective and preventive action records
  10. internal audit program and reports
  11. mgt. review meeting minutes
  12. site and drainage plans
  13. any relevant process flow diagrams
There should be a site tour to:
  • verify the site plans ( for drains, buildings, local community, site aspects, etc)
  • identify potential environ. aspects
  • identify current controls/performance
  • identify areas and personnel to visit on assessment
  • identify activities/processes
  • identify waste streams, emissions and discharges
  • familiarize for stage 2

The Aspects will be reviewed to 1) identify Aspects ( direct control and those that the company can influence) 2) validate the procedure for screening aspects for significance 3) significant environmental impacts (properly determined) 4) procedure applied consistently and records up to date

There will be a review of Legal and other requirements to make sure that they are 1) identified 2) procedure applied to identify, have access to and periodically evaluate compliance

The Communications will be reviewed - both internal and external

The continual improvement program will be reviewed to ensure: 1) objectives and targets are relevent and consistent with policy, are correctly established and support the continual improvement program 2) appropriate programs and plans to achieve objectives 3) performance measurement and reporting 4) the company's mgt. addresses the necessary issues through mgt. meetings or other appropriate means

The review of EMS documentation and internal audits are basically the same as QMS, but integration with other company systems would be looked at.

Is this more like what you were looking for?:bigwave:


Fully vaccinated are you?
Thanks! That will do quite well - and I appreciate the details! :thedeal:

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-ISO 14001 Stage 1
What documents should I require from those waster contractors (eg,Waste Management etc..)?



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In my country, the regulation requires waste contractors to get a legal agreement from the authorities to treat every kind of waste, I think this might be the case in yours.
Just check the annexes of their agreement to see if they have the ability to treat the kind of waste you want (Dangerous, Card box waste, Oil, Ect...)
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I am in the UK and I have just recently gone through certification for ISO14001 so know what you are going though. If you have waste taken away from your site, you should have details of the waste carriers license. The must always give you a waste transfer note but it is your responsibility to ensure the correct codes are on it and your Hazardous waste permit number is on (if applicable). Also check that they have returned the part E of the waste transfer note.
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