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My local calibration lab is "unable to locate a standard" to calibrate engineering squares to. The squares are for use on the shop floor of a civil engineering components manufacturing company and not overly critical. IE Not precision engineering. Can anyone suggest a suitable standard that will pass ISO 9001 audit scrutiny? BS 939:2007 ?



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Some thoughts...

1. You say "not overly critical". Do they need to be calibrated? Or do they need to be recognized as "Calibration not required?
--the answer to this must stem from the use of them and how that use affects product realization--
Documentation/rationale that the gages do not require calibration passes "ISO9001 scrutiny"...specifically if they truly do not need it.

2. If they need to be calibrated, because they have an effect on product realization, ...check out this link: for the four circle method.

3. I would imagine (again with the "not overly critical") that you must decide the level of accuracy required and communicate that to the calibration company. My experience is that if I do not communicate the need (required accuracy)...calibration is performed to WAY beyond what I would reasonably need and costs more than it needed to.


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There is a standard for squares, DIN 875-1.

I have attached an old chestnut that may be of use to you.


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