Standard Operating Procedure Development and Management



We are looking at a few different vendors to help us write and manage SOP's for our company. Is anyone familiar with Zavanta, Interfacing or Navex Global?
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FWIW, our organization created the following (AS9100 Rev. D):

SOP-01 Management Responsibility
(including Management Review, Analysis of Data, and Monitoring & Measurement)

SOP-02 Resource Management
(including Competence, Awareness, & Organizational Knowledge)

SOP-03 Control of Documented Information

SOP-04 Control of Production and Service Provision
(including Planning of Product Realization)

SOP-05 Customer-Related Processes (CRP's)

SOP-06 Control of Purchasing

SOP-07 Control of Measuring and Monitoring Equipment

SOP-08 Control of Nonconforming Outputs

SOP-09 Internal Audit

SOP-10 Improvement
(including Corrective Action)

We took the requirements and stated how we address them.

I don't think templates would have helped us much.
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