Standard that is the equivalent to ISO 22000 but for the non-food industry


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Hi all,

I just wondered if someone knows of a standard that is the equivalent to ISO 22000 but for the non-food industry to determine CCP's?

Logically I would think that the determination of "hazards" would be done with a process FMEA risk analysis.
If this is not the case can someone please explain to me how I should determine risk and how to define the critical control points in a non-food industry and if there is a standard for this to work by.

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It might help if you identify what sector you are in, given that it's not food. Unless "non-food" is a term I don't understand.

Hope this helps


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Thank you, I know of these standards and it's more contamination determination and environment than identifying risk in production and the critical control point that should be under control.



There is a standard called 'Pac Secure' which is GFSI certified for the packaging industry. You can get it for flexible or rigid plastic. It is HACCP based and so has a system for hazard analysis.

You can download the auditing standard for free at

The HACCP workbook is sold on their site.

I must add that any HACCP system works generically and that it is quite similar to an FMEA.

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