Standardized Anodize Coating Tests


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We extrude, fabricate and anodize as a tier 2 to the automotive sector. Anodize test were pretty basic in that if you passed color / seal / appearance all was good. With new ventures comes additional testing requirements. What I am wondering is if anyone knows of one specific series of test that I can have done versus a bunch of different ones that would satisfy all the different anodize specs the automakers have? Parts in question are clear or black interior components. My goal is to do outside lab testing once a year to augment the daily in house testing.


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Re: Anodize coating test

Things would be so much easier and cheaper if the industry had one standard spec.


It depends on customer requirements. I find that most, if not all, anodize standards will come with periodic process control testing that's required to validate the process. Either that or they will reference other standards.

For example, if your customer requires Mil-standards for their anodize, say Mil-A-8625F Type II Class 1 Clear, -8625 spells out in Table II which process control tests need to be completed monthly.
Type II Tests (ref. Table II):
-Coating Weight (4.5.2)
-Corrosion Resistance (4.5.3)
-Light-fastedness (4.5.4) (only if you're running Class 2 dyed)
-Abrasion resistance (4.5.5)

Keep in mind there will be separate testing for Type III hard anodize, but again, it all depends on what your customer(s) require if they're calling out for -8625.

I'm confident that some digging into the automotive anodize standards will net you similar results.

Hope this helps.
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