Standards for Drop Testing of Valve Bags



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Hope you are all doing good. This site has always been my go-to site for years regarding quality related concerns. I always find useful information here and learn from so many experts' knowledge and experiences.

I thought I should ask the experts here who may have experience in packaging specifications and testing packaging materials. We are in the process of developing specifications for our packaging material (valve bags). We use this type of bags to package our products (food ingredients) which are automatically positioned on filling tubes of 1-3 tube valve bag packers equipment. We want to make sure all bags from our vendors are of good quality and drop testing should be one of the requirements to approve them.

I have used ASTM D 5276-98 as a reference but this does not seem to apply for valve bags. Do you know of any other reference standard or procedure for testing valve bags? Would appreciate your responses. Thank you.


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Hello, and congrats for your 1st post...:bigwave:

What do the valve bags manufacturers say? They should be experts on that - ir seems like a generic requirement for most valve bags applications.
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