Star Trek Beyond (ST 13) - 2016


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I will wait for a few days to see this one till the crowds thin out a little. Also waiting on the ST:TOS Captain's uniform to come in from BABW for Camo (my bear).

In the meantime, I have seen all the trailers. Now, they take off in a Constitution Class starship, but later seem to be in a NX-01 Class ship.

Curious. Thoughts?


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Re: Star Trek Beyond (ST 13)

Not off hand. But then, I don't know the difference between the star ships. It's been years since I've seen a Star Trek movie, to be honest, and haven't been following the publicity on this one.

Are you going to the 2016 Star Trek convention in Vegas?


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Hershal is a far more serious Trekker than I could ever be...Hey Hershal, BBC is airing Star Trek from the Pilot until whenever


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Randy, they did a 50 Anniversary marathon, which I and Camo (my bear) watched.

You are right, Friday nights now they are doing ST!

Camo and I are happy!
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