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Has anyone started a containment business from scratch? I have came across many companies online that offer the same services. They include: Third Party Inspection, quality liason service, staffing etc for the automotive space. I would like to know do we have to provide our own tools? What difference is it between the end client having their own QA team and an on-site third party come in and inspect? Do they just follow their clients process of inspection?


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I'm a quality manager and often employ this type of service.
I've not started one from scratch, but can help with what I know.

1.) In my experience, when a gauge or tool is required, the customer (me) provides that along with instructions.
2.) The third party sorting company can, and often do, make their own instructions, which the customer would have to agree to or provide alternative instruction.
3.) A third party containment company is often ideal to employ, because in the event of a quality failure the second party may need to shut a line down if they have to sort themselves. this could cost the first party(me) a lot of money; we're talking millions of dollars. Often the first party doesn't have resources to continue running their own processes and send their own personnel to the second party to sort product. So we call in the third party.
4.) generally speaking, the third party is one that is approved by the second party, but is paid and employed by the first party. its all a bit gray in that aspect. the third party has an agreement, which is signed and approved by the first party, usually covering liability and other legal stuff.


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Hi Rayvano, I used 3CPR with great results...most instances they were brought in once an seemingly intractable issue(s) arose 30-60-90 days prior to launch...and supplier did not have a solid plan to launch clean & on-time (meeting the MRD or material requirement date). RE: necessary process/inspection equipment was provided by the Tier1 or 2 supplier...the same should be specified in the supplier's PFMEA/Control plan, etc. In my experience, a 3CPR never brought in their equipment or least in the Automotive arena.

Hope this helps...Optomist1

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I used to work closely with a third party cert company. This was a Detroit based company that had just broken into a new region.

The president and founder of the company says that the most difficult thing was cash flow. You're typically 90 days to get paid after invoicing, but your hourly temp sorters need to be paid this week.
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