Starting Nadcap Accreditation and making an Implementation Timeline



Hello all and please forgive me if this has been discussed before but I searched and did not see anything. Does Nadcap require you to run a minimum time frame BEFORE they will come and audit you for accreditation? My company is looking to install a Passivation Line for plating and I'm trying to put together a timeline. I've heard that Nadcap will not come in and audit until you've run 6 months. But when I tried to find this in writing, I don't see any requirements. Therefore can I have them come in soon after the line is started up?



You have to complete and be able to submit a self audit 30 days prior to your audit date- the auditor rarely asked for it to be sent.
Now as far as getting ready.
Getting everything in place and making sure it is working will drive your time line. 6 months is a sugested time frame for you to "practice what you preach" but if you think you can hit the ground running there is no set requirement other than what you need to have a complete system in place- audit it to the checklists and have C/A in place prior to your audit date.

I myself would want to have at least 6 months in place before the audit to be able to get a chance to get past the hardest part of starting up.

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