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Hi everyone

Next week is the first week for me in my new job as a quality manager. I decided to start with promoting awareness of quality and ISO 9000 family and its effect on the performance of the management system.

Wanna know your opinion and suggestions about my starting point. Also if anyone has any training material (about iso and its benefits) which can help
Thanks a million



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Hello Ahmed

Have you scanned the "Post Attachement List" and "More Free Files" located at the top?
That's a good place to start - people have posted lost of training material over the years and Marc has some really great stuff he posted for free.
I used bits and pieces in my quality auditor training.


Like Scott said, you might want to surf the forum we're in. I know there have been lots of presentations given. Here is one thread on it:

PMWong has a power point in there that looked pretty helpful. It can provide a good start for you.

Add edit: The power point is for the older version, but I would believe a majority of the major issues are still valid.
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