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Stating the ISO9001 Version / Edition in our Quality Manual


Michel Saad

Hi folks,

Wasn't sure where to post this question, but since I am working on QS9000, I figured this would be as good of a place as any.

I our quality manual, we state that "our quality system is based on ISO9001 (1994) and QS9000 (3rd edition)."

Do we have to state the revision/edition or could we simply state "ISO9001 and QS9000" taking for granted that by the next audit by the registrar, we have to meet the latest version.



tim banic

Hello Michel

I wrote our manual as stating the version we were setting the program up to. I feel It just defines it a little more, but I haven't gone through my registration audit yet.

Good luck
tim banic
"if it moves train it...if it doesn't move calibrate it...if it isn't written down, it never happened!" Unwritten rules of QS/ISO

Spaceman Spiff

In reading about the demise of QS9K, I guess that doesn't matter now, does it? I doubt there will be anymore updates.

Christian Lupo

I doubt QS-9000 will be revised too, but I would just say:

....our Quality system is based on the most recent edition of ISO-9001:1994 and QS-9000...

Michel Saad

My question was larger than just QS9000. The fact that there will not be any more revisions dosen't change the question.

I got a reply from our registrar this morning and he tells me that we HAVE TO state to which revision of the norm we comply.

I would like to know if this is really a requirement or I can state " the latest revision..." like christian stated.


Ken K

I would list any versions/editions which are listed on your registration certificate. If you are not yet registered, always use the latest/greated versions/editions. Just my opinion.


Captain Nice
Staff member
It a registrar / auditor 'requires' you to state the version (which is quite typical), I wouldn't fight such a small battle - I'd do it and be done with it. So far the time you have put into the issue has been wasted, in my opinion. I personally wouldn't bitch over the 'latest version' words, but many auditors will and with some reason. I would expect the version to be cited if I was auditing you. If you used the 'latest version' wiggle words I'd have a number of related questions to ask prolonging the issue.

Is there some reason you don't want to cite the version?

Tom Goetzinger

I agree wtih Marc. Its a small issue and probably not worth fighting over; save your competitions for somethin worth winning. Besides that, I think it makes good sense. If you write your policies and procedures to a standard, and that standard changes, how can you say that you meet it without review and change? Including the edition of the standard indicates specifically which document you intended on meeting. Also gives you the out without casting dobt on the whole system when someone finds something you don't meet in the "latest edition".

Michel Saad

Ok! ok! You guys are right. It is not worth taking more time discussing it. My question came from a willingness to make our quality manual easier to read. That's it!

Thanks for the inputs.

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