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Statistical Analysis - Check if these organisms at different concentrations affect the growth of wheat seedlings

Hello all members,
I need your guidance about the analysis, as you are good at statistics.
I explain my experimental design.
Actually I inoculated 3 microorganisms (ASS-ASL and ASY using different concentrations i.e. 50-75 and 100ul/L). I wanted to check if these organisms at different concentrations affect the growth of wheat seedlings. I had 4 replicates for each treatment and 4 CK control for each treatment (No inoculation of microgranisms). As I am not clear, I can send you my raw data. I checked if different dosages of microbes promote or demote the biomass of wheat seedlings including (SHOOT LENGTH , ROOT LENGTH, FRESH WEIGHT, DRY WEIGHT SHOOT FRESH ROOT WEIGHT, ROOT DRY WEIGHT). I also think that variables may be correlated.
According to my understanding I want to do ANOVA and plot pretty graphs (2-3). Which test I should apply? one way Anova, two way anova or Manvoa. I also attach my data. Time is really out for me. I will highly appreciate the help. If some one is willing to help in detail, I can consider him/her to put in author list, as I am preparing manuscript.
Could you please help me in this matter?
Best wishes,



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You will have to analyze this using multiple regression using TRT as a continuous predictor and ISOLATE as a categorical predictor. The design is unbalanced, which makes using ANOVA problematic. Regarding the plots, you can use a scatter plot of TRT against each response using ISOLATE as a grouping variable.
Thanks for reply. I am new to statistical analysis. Could you please help me to about analysis and plotting the results?
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