Statistics and Six Sigma - Newbie Seeking Information and Resources


Jimmy Olson

Statistics and 6 Sigma Newbie

Howdy everyone. I was interested in finding out if anyone knew of any good resources for learning the basics of statistics and six sigma.

I am relatively new to quality in a manufacturing environment (I have been in the calibration area) and am trying to learn some of the quality tools used. Right now my role is implementing ISO 9001:2000, but I would like to increase my quality skills (to make myself more valuable :) ).

I keep hearing some of the terminology, but don't really have an understanding of it since I've never had to deal with it. I do have a basic understanding of statistics and numbers from working in the calibration field, but would like to be able to learn all the "tools" that are used in manufacturing. Any information would be greatly appreciated. If you know of any good websites, or can recommend books, or if you have information to share I would be very thankful.

Thanks in advance.
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