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It's hard to be an expert on everything that gets thrown at you in a QA Mgr. job, and one of my weak spots is stats. I get the general gist, and have even done some P charts, but find that I quickly get in over my head when customers want to know something technical.

Do any of you know of a book, class, or tutorial of some kind that is basic and structured for your average fool? :eek:


I don't know the current price ($200-300 I think) but we use a training/tutorial program from resource engineering, called SPC workout.

It has 3 levels and we have all employees go thru level 1 for basic SPC training. Level 2 and 3 get harder and more "statistical". I don't remeber much about level 2 and 3 but I'm sure it has plenty of info for the "average fool" and then some. (I need a refresher myself when I get some time. At the moment we really don't deal with SPC or statistics except for the rare PPAP...)

Resource Engineering, Inc.: Computer-Based Training for Quality and Productivity Improvement

(No I don't work for them!)

P.S. I just looked, you may need the ADVANCED SPC CD-Rom to get into the more technical end of SPC and stats.


Donald Wheelers book "Understanding Statistical Process Control" is one of the best books I have seen. It starts very basic, and build as it goes on to provide a unique understanding of why control charts work, as well as explains some of the theroy behind the factors used in calculations. It's been a few years since I've read it, but it's the first book I recommend to folks who ask this question. Check the link below for information and pricing.

Here's a review form the web page that sum's it up as well:

"It is a really great book about SPC methods. Clearly written, Dr. Wheelers book explains the dos and donts of SPC techniques. I found Dr. Wheelers style of writing simple, but always reaching SPC target. If you are looking for a sound and understandable information about SPC, read it. It is worthwhile book. " :)

Understanding Statistical Process Control by Donald J. Wheeler and David S. Chambers


The one book that I found to be the easiest to understand is the "AT&T Statistical Quality Control HAndbook". This was the only book I used, back in the day, when taking my CQE exam.

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I think there is a book actually called "Statistics for Dummies" you might want to look at, though I have not reviewed it personally.

Do you have a Juran's Quality Control Handbook? While expensive, this one book is like a bible for anyone in the Q field. While the level of writing may not be what you want -- you'll have to see -- it darn sure covers just about everything you could ask for in the Q world, stats included. Used bookstores and/or Half Priced Books might get you a copy at a decent price.
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