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Can anybody clarify the meaning of "Statuatory and Regulatory requirements related to product" as mentioned in ISO 9001:2008.We manufacture Offshore structures.It involved different activities like Fabrication,Coating and Radiographic testing....These are activities related directly to our product.We identify the applicable legal requirements for these activities,since it directly affects the product.Apart from this we have indirect activities like security system,F&A,HR and canteen which are not directly related to product we manufacture also requires legal my question is that whether we should include the Legal complaince of these indirect activities in to our QMS.



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The indirect activities that you state are your organization requirements to be in business. These are to be maintained as necessary but need not be an inclusion into your ISO9001 QMS. This is the straight answer.
However please check and be sure that the "Statutory and Regulatory requirements related to product" are all identified and applied within your QMS. Perhaps these could include welder's qualification requirements, as an example.


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Where can I find in 2015 that statutory and legal requirements are only for products and services and dont apply for other areas of business?
e.g. why to worry about for local accounting legal requirements?
If those activities are not related directly to products?
However, some auditors ask organizations to include such regulations with the next argument " why dont include accounting rules, if they could affect indirectly products and services)?

I refer to a mechanical parts manufacturing organizations.

Could someone assist in this issue?


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