Steps to become CQM (ASQ Certified Quality Manager)



Steps to become CQM

Hi quality Gurus

Im thinking to become a CQM, and i was reading the info on, and i need some inside information of you all, in how you apply, what was your experiencie taking the exam, how that afect your careers, and im in Dominican Republic, and i need info and how i can get certify here.

Thanx you all
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If you are a member of ASQ you should be able to apply over the internet, or you can have them send you the info packet. I have not taken the CQM exam, but I have taken the CQA, and CQE tests. For me the CQA was not that bad, though it is kind of subjective. The CQE was a lot harder, though I did pass it.

I like the refresher courses the ASQ offers and also the books put put out by the "Quality Council of Indiana". (they are advertised in Quality Progress)

I can say that the certification has been a help to me in my career. Since I don't have a 4 year degree, and my exposure to quality has been up though the "inspection" ranks, the ASQ, and their certifications have allowed me to improve my knowledge and skills, and get recognition for it.

Good luck in your pursuit. Keep us posted


Kevin Mader

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I second James' recommendation on the "Quality Council of Indiana" primers. I have found them to best mirror the questions being asked on the exams as there is plenty of subjectivity in them. James is right again that the CQE is less subjective than the CQA. The only thing hard about the CQA is knowing who to follow. I haven't had the interest to pursue the CQM, but if I did, I would guard against the subjectivity as best I could. Try to determine who wrote the test. For example, Arter wrote the CQA exam so buying his book and learning auditing his way is a good strategy towards passing the exam. If you are lucky, the author of the exam has also written a book and it might be a good place to begin studying.


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