Still confused on OPRP and CCP in an ISO 22000 Catering Business



hi all,
Can somebody show me how many ccp's or oprp's do you have? By the way, we are in the catering business and certified in ISO22000,2005.

  1. receiving of raw materials
  2. pre-washing of fruits and vegetables
  3. fruit and vegetables washing and sanitizing
  4. preparation of raw materials
  5. food transport
  6. serving
  7. glass and crockery
  1. thawing
  2. cooking
  3. baking
  4. cooling
  5. hot and cold holding
  6. reheating
my question I on the right track? we are now thinking that since no. 1,4 and 5 (ccp's) are essentials they're not eliminating the likelihood of risk. they're just controlling the hazards.
is it a good idea if I consider the ccp's 1,4 and 5 as oprp's?

Thanks :confused:


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Hi All,
From Past Experience I also found it very confusing. Our list of of CCPs and OPRPs

CCP - Divided into two types: 1. Those related to time-temperature abuse
2. Sanitation related
OPRPs - Anything else we need to control

Best approach is to divide the process flows into 3 Categories
1. No Cook Food That is served
2. Cooked and served
3. Cooked Served Chilled and Reheated

e.g From your list Thawing can be a CCP if the food will not go through a Cooking Step and is thawed and served. But will be an OPRP if the food will be Thawed then Cooked
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