Stock Traceability Methods, where to start?


Hello, I have recently been shifted to Warehouse Management role, and have been tasked to implement working systems for our Warehouse. Currently, we have a poorly implemented and managed Kanban system that fails to provide stock qty and traceability. As sheet metals were causing us the biggest setbacks, I have already implemented a simple In/Out system for sheet metal and for some processed metal components that require operators to record on a list the qty when inputting/taking out the items from the warehouse.

My concern for this is that it requires my time to walk the floor taking photos of the various lists and then reentering the data into our ERP. This gives me a gut feeling that it isn't a good long term solution even though it works well in the short term. My company is working on setting up a barcode scanning system to solve this issue but I would prefer to have a better solution than what I currently have if possible to avoid spending too much time on what is essentially data entry. Any thoughts?
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