Struggling with using the 5.6 version Ford Capacity Analysis Report


I'm working with a customer that requires capacity reporting using the latest version of Ford's CAR (5.6) and have no experience with this requirement. I'm unable to find significant help on the internet. My customer is in Mexico and even though my counterpart speaks English his accent prevents clear communication.

Can anyone share any insights?



  • Capacity_Analysis_Report_v5.6.xlsx
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Thx for the reply. I'm not able to correctly complete the form. It seems that I'm not toggling between tabs in order to properly populate the fields in the proper sequence in order to allow the sheets to be filled in correctly. I've not been able to locate the process of steps anywhere on the the internet.

Any insight greatly appreciated!


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seek clarification & guidance from FORD...certainly they have a eSupplier Connect w/Training? If language is an issue, then professionally articulate the issue or challenge...Do Not Risk a misunderstanding and associated missed launch, tech requirement etc., due to a language barrier regardless of which side...
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