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Student Introductions from Winter 2005

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Jamie Morris

Jamie Morris - Introduction

Northwest Fishing Enthusiast
CH2M HILL Hanford - 11 years
Educational Goal is to Complete MBA with PM Emphasis
The first class for MC 550 is also my BD = 47
View Life as a Lifelong Learning Adventure - I do have 3 daughters for heaven's sake

Mary Davenport

Sia Mc550

:thanx: Thanks Steve for direction in getting started here...
So Hi...I'm Mary Davenport. I'm 5 classes shy of the MBA in project management. Will finish this June.
Married, 1 daughter, 2 grandbabies, live in Kennewick with husband Ray.
Work for Fluor Hanford (like Steve) as a cost analyst, mostly analyzing spending v budget, and writing the occasional statement of work/contract requisition. Did my undergrad at City U in business admin/management emphasis. Taking 2 classes (MC550 & PM504) this quarter, 3 next. Not totally brain dead yet, but close... :bonk:
Looking forward to meeting everyone in class and online. :bigwave:


My Introduction


My name is Janice (Jan) Owens and this is my second quarter at cityu. I'm working toward an MBA with emphasis in project management. I'm married with one daughter in college at WSU in Pullman. My undergradute degree is in chemistry, so this MBA arena is very different for me. However, I do feel obtaining this type of degree will be rewarding and beneficial. :cool:


Student Introductions

Steve Prevette said:
This thread is to allow students to introduce themselves. One extra credit point on the final exam is available.
Hi-I'm Darleen Wall.
I am working toward my MBA at City University with an emphasis on Project Management. I completed my undergratuate degree at University of Alaska-Anchorage with a BA in Accounting. I am employed with the Defense Contract Audit Agency (DCAA) as a Supervisory Auditor. Have been with DCAA for 17 years. I have been auditing at Hanford since 1994 at the inception of Richland DCAA offices. I am married and have one stepson, two German Shepherd dogs, and four cats, three of which are feral.


Hi, I am Roberta. This is my 4th qtr of classes towards an MBA. My undergrad was in Biology, minor in music, now doing the MBA....variety is good! I work in The Area as a Budget Analyst, and now beginning an exciting transition into project execution/management.



I am a Chemical Engineer with Fluor Hanford. I have worked there for 4 1/2 years. It is our company's job to deinventory, decontaminate, and take down an old plutonium processing facility at Hanford. With a goal of tearing down the factory I thought I had better improve my education and increase my chances of getting a good job to transfer to when we are done. I am studying for an MBA in General Management. It is my 9th class and it is enhancing my career opportunities already. I am also married and have a boy and a baby girl.



I work for Framatome-anp. I am a change agent, essentially I streamline various kinds of processes. I receive my undergrad from WSU in Business and an undergrad from Lewis & Clark State. I'm getting my MBA with an emphasis in Project Management. After that I plan to take the Ceritfied Project Management Professional test. I'm looking forward to MC 550 and learning from others experiences.

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I know its a few weeks into the class...

I know its a few weeks into the class...but, Hello, I am Zel D. Jones, a Civil Engineer by background, a Field Engineer in my current position on the Waste Treatment Plant Construction site for Bechtel NATIONAL (not Bechtel Hanford), Inc. I have been in the Tri-Citites since October 2002 and working on my MBA since January 2004. I look forward to continuing to get to know you all and more exciting discussions! :yes:
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mark child


Hi my name is Mark Child.
I have lived in the Tri-Cities for 3 years.
I earned my Bachelor degree in Health Administration.
I work as a unit manager at AgriNorthwest.
An interesting side note, I supply enough potatoes to meet the World's french fry needs for 30 days.
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