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Student needs help with ISO9001 Design and Development section


Duke Okes

Since there many books on ISO 9000 the student could also find one and learn what the design element means, as well as how organizations often document the process. A visit to a registered company would also be useful.

George Weiss

Great point. I was just at the local library, and found ISO 9001 help books on line there. Reading a copy at home was possible. Also The online sources of information that students are expected to use in many written projects is a closed network at on-campus libraries sometimes. The teachers want to do searches on the project wording to find and stop some levels of plagiarism. So how does that work with quality standards?
You want exact wording, so copying it, or having it perfect means it is the same as the next perfect example. :frust:a catch-22
I can imagine the student's dilemma. In this forum there is the endless barrier of copyright.
I'm not sure copyright is the issue here. On another (acrimonious) thread part of my argument was that for future generations of quality professionals (or any other professionals for that matter) to take us forward in terms of knowledge and understanding they have to go through the process of understanding and, forgive me if I'm telling you stuff you already know, all educational theory tells us that most people learn best by doing.
The question comes to mind, "do you, (the student have a copy of ISO9001:2008?" Having circled many standards and having a feel of the road makes assembly easy. I am guessing that viewing another’s work is a short route to understanding.
As above - I disagree. Looking at what someone else has done is a good way to get an overview but to obtain knowledge you have to go through the process.
Reflecting on the standard with an example in hand is better than trying to re-invent the wheel. I accept that direct copying of another QMS might be a bit of a cut-n-paste reach, but it does help to look. A file cabinet of free exposure is a good thing. PICs are worth 1000 words right. I think that the student that had the idea to ask here for anything is a step above most already. I wish the student well, and do expect an "A" for his work!
SO MR/MISS student. Any other requests?
Like you I hope it goes well and that the student does well at the assignment but, as I put in my OP, I feel they will get more value out of having a go and for us to tell them where they have gone right and wrong than from cut and paste.


Captain Nice
Staff member
<snip> as I put in my OP, I feel they will get more value out of having a go and for us to tell them where they have gone right and wrong than from cut and paste.
If we use that attitude with everyone who asks questions we may as well shut the forum down. People come and ask questions. Students are no different than other visitors here.

Please stay out of this thread and others like it if you are not interested in helping without conditions such as "do your homework and we'll take a look at it".

Thank you.


I’m only getting back to it now:eek:, was working on other reports.
I see there have been some discussions about this.
Just to let you's know, im studying mechanical engineering, this is only a small report for a subject called Sustainability. We where told to copy and paste the quality manual and to just work on the procedures.
But the report description was very vag and we have not done much on this.
So im just a bit confused as to what to do and how to structure it.

George Weiss

The subject of your assignment is then to develop and write a procedure in the design area with a sustainability focus. This would lead to reducing by-products and hazardous wastes. Reducing the human negative impact.
So you will copy/develop:
1) A Quality manual
2) A procedure, (product/process design), with a sustainability focus
3) Sustainability items to include:
It remains the case today that heuristics, such as energy conservation over the life cycle of a product or minimization of use of toxic materials, are one set of primary vehicles by which sustainable engineering continues to be defined. @


No, sorry I'm making it sound overcomplicated.:bonk:
The report doesn't need to include any sustainability items. The report is simply for a subject called sustainability.
It really is all about just having a look at one area of ISO 9001, just to become a small bit familiar with it.

Can you tell me if this looks any good? (see attached)


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