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Student trying to apply Lean Six Sigma on a Construction project in my thesis

hello, I'm a student trying to apply lean six sigma on a construction project in my thesis & I'm looking for effecient tools for each step of the DMAIC methode in the application on a construction project & if possible some exmeples of the application on this type of projetcs specifically.
I didn't find the application on construction projects & there are so many tools for each step of DMAIC I risk of not having an effecient application since there is no guide line.
The point is not to simply apply a set of "efficient" tools then DMAIC done but starting by asking question like "What's is the Voice of Customer?" in construction industry so how's the "Critical To Quality"? What's the baseline of these CTQ today? Then you would explore it naturally step by step with appropriate tools. Tools subject to your problem.
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