Studing for Internal Quality Auditor



Studing for IQA


I've just joined after a search of the Web :)

I'm starting my first unit of the IQA next Thursday. I think this is a US site, so in case you don't have this one over there, this is what it is:

I'm starting with D1, so if I have any questions, I'll post away :)

Not sure if you touch the distribution stuff (Tuguchi, Poisson, etc), but if you do, that would be great to get more info on how they work.

I'm going to be doing plenty of reading here, when I'm not doing hobby late at night (computer support).

Also, does anyone know of an English site like this, so I can get the best of both worlds?

Thanks and here's to a great few years 'moving up the ladder'


Geoff Cotton

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Welcome to the cove Eddie.

You are not alone on this side of the pond, the Cove is global and we learn from each other, so don't be shy get posting.

I did 5 years of the IQA courses (10 years ago), not sure if it changed my life though. The problem was that the lecturers had not got a clue about automotive systems etc. and most had been out of industry for too long. However the "basics" never change and they were ok at teaching those.


Thanks for the welcome, Geoff

I know someone at work who did the old course, and they say that the newer one looks more user friendly.

Anyway, I'm there on Thursday, so hopefully it'll go okay.

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