Stupid Security Winners


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Stupid Security winners revealed.


Privacy International announced the results of its competition to find the worlds most pointless, intrusive and egregious security measures. The competition, launched in February, attracted almost 5,000 nominations from 35 countries. While the air security sector dominated the competition, nominations arose from almost all areas of private and public sector activity. The winners include JFK Airport,Michigan Correctional facilities and the Australian Government.

From: Privacy International

James Gutherson

Every one that I know agree's wholeheartedly with the Award given to the Australian Government.

Millions of dollars for 'fridge magnets'; they'll keep us safe????

This is all part of the politics of fear that dominate the Australian political landscape at the moment, from the lies made over the refugee's two year's ago, to the constant patrolling of the bridge I work near in Sydney, to the stupid fridge magnet. All designed to make sure we are 'alert AND alarmed', to keep our mind off things like the decay of our schools, and hospitals, and social systems.

No, the US does not have it all to it's self.


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