Thom Trimborn

Ok, so here's the first stupid question for the week. Can someone give me a clear definition for "subcontractor" as used in 4.6. I was under the impression that it refered to any vendor that a supplier might use. My purchasing manger contends that it refers only to companies to which we send product for further processing.



Subcontractors are also known as Vendors or Sub-Suppliers. They are basically anyone you use to purchase product, material, components, services, etc. from.

In QS - 9000 Third Edition it states:
Subcontractors are defined as providers of production materials, or production or service parts, directly to a supplier to the Big 3, or other customers subscribing to this document(ISO or QS).

I generally tell my clients if whatever they purchase has an effect on the quality of their final product or service , the company they purchase from needs to be listed as an Approved Subcontractor/Vendor.

Hope this helps,

Rick Goodson


Your PM may be looking at it the way the goverment did 30+ years ago. A supplier was someone you bought a product from that they controled design. You basically purchased from their catalog or specifications. A subcontractor was someone you sent your print to and they manufactured it for you. You controlled the design.
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