Subcontractor Development Requirements and Audit



Subcontractor development

Can we restrict the implementation of clause C9 of sanctioned interpretation dated July 1,2001 to raw material subcontractors, heat treatment subcontractors, plating subcontractors and subcontractors who provide finished product to us ONLY and exclude those subcontractors who supply semi-finished product to us.


Subcontractor development audit

In the supply chain given below,
C supplies to B,
B supplies to A,
A supplies to Big Three,

where C is my subcontractor
B is my organization and
A , my customer
Then can I consider myself the OEM for my subcontractor? And will an audit conducted by me as per latest ISO9000 version meet the requirement of C9 of sanctioned interpretation dated July 1,2001.If not, what is the definition for OEM with regard to QS9000?


By the definition of subcontractor in QS-9000 (Glossary page 133), a subcontractor is defined as "providers of production material, or production or service parts, directly to a supplier to Chrysler, Ford, General Motors or other customers subscribing to this document. Also included are provides of heat treating, painting, plating or other finishing services."

I'm not sure what your semi-finished product is, but my feeling is that since it becomes product it would fall under the requirement. Regardless of the C9 intrepretation, when determining which suppliers need to be qualified, I ask the question - "If the supplier sends in bad product or is late on a delivery, will it affect my finished product or its delivery?". If the answer is yes, the supplier needs to be qualified in some way.


OEM = GM, Ford or DC

C9 also states "accredited certification body", which I interpret to be RAB.



Andrews, you may have a point worth consideration by the QS9000 sanctioned interpretations group.

Original equipment manufacturer (OEM) is not just DC/Ford/GM. Refer to page 79 of the QSR for others. I can find no definition of who is and who is not an OEM in the QSR or the interpretations.

WE design, manufacture and sell automotive accessory products to the general public, and we also sell the same product to DC/Ford/GM; all within the guidelines of QS9000.
And we are also the OEM.


I just received an update report from NSF-ISR addressing the new requirements. This is the first "official" registrar stance I have seen. This is from the July 1, 2001 issue - Volume 1, Issue 2.

"QS-9000 registered clients must required 3rd party certification of all labs, material, and service suppliers. If QS certified companies do not have a plan to use certified suppliers in 18 months, it is a minor non-conformance. The plan must include prioritzation, tracking, contingencies if suppliers do not plan to be certified, and timing for suppliers not already certified. This is a minimum requirement and does not preclude subcontractor development beyond 3rd party certification for suppliers of materials and services that affect critical characteristics."
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