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Does anyone have an example of a form I can use that basically qualifies a trainer?

For example, we have some Ph.D experts who are proficient in flow cytometry, so we aren't going to "train" them on our procedures. We basically want to say these people are SME's based on their previous education/training/experience so they can train other staff. We are running into the issue where we want them to train others, but they aren't necessarily "trained" themselves.

I have attached what I have come up with so far.

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have you got a skills matrix in your company?
If you have a matrix listing the necessary skills for each job and your experts match these skills then there's no need for training them. As long as your requirements on the matrix match the job spec and they get reviewed by the area manager, you should be OK.
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Disclaimer: I don't know which standard you are complying with and I only know ISO 9001, so that is what my comment here is based on.
ISO 9001 currently does not have a requirement for trainers, so it is up to you to define your company's requirements. It sounds to me like you are making a paperwork nightmare that could come back to bite you if all the t's aren't crossed and i's dotted. We simply say a trainer will be assigned.
If other standards require an SME, then disregard my suggestion.
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