Subletting space in a facility and certifications



thanks in advance for taking a look at this and giving me your opinions.

We have multiple facilities, and are acquiring new ones 2x a year. Some are large, and some are small. Most remain in the facility they were at prior to the purchase - and a few are moved. This is a question about a move.

We have a machine shop that is AS9100 and ISO9001 certified. It has room in its facility for others to move in.

We have a newly acquired small hand tool builder that builds a small - select tool in small quantities. Most of the parts are machined and then it is assembled. They have no certifications. They are currently a customer of the machine shop listed above. there is room for them to move into that facility.

1) Can they move in - SUBLET a space and not have to abide by the locations AS & ISO certs?

2) Can they move in, be absorbed into the machine shop company and function only under the ISO portion of the cert?

3) What is the minimum documentation ( concern is the assembly of the tool - so many options, where we build maybe one a year) because detailed documentation does not warrant the quantity built. Can the Router - Traveler say only: Assemble?

Joe Cruse

1) If they are not registered to any standards now, a move in location is no reason to register them now. Just because they will now reside inside a facility whose services/products ARE registered to standards is no reason to have this registered to those same, or other, standards.

2) I would say that is up to your ownership/top mgt. You could have 200 different product/service lines or separate entities within a single facility, and none of them have to either be registered separately or rolled into the registration of the "owner" of that single facility, if ownership/top mgt does not deem it necessary. On the other hand, there is no reason that the tool builder business couldn't be moved in, and then absorbed into the business currently housed in that facility, and then the tool builder product/service line be included in the scope of registration(s) of the machine shop.

3) In this case, it looks like you want to roll the tool builder into your machine shop business, and declare that as part of the registration scopes. In which case, you will need to begin by (re-)defining your processes and their sequence of interactions. Then treat that newly added process with the same documentation as you did with everything else in the machine shop certifications.
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