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Submissions to NMPA (formerly CFDA)

Hi Everyone,
I would like to make you aware of our service for medical device registration with NMPA (formally CFDA).
I do this in collaboration with a local partner in China who has extensive experience with NMPA. We can help you with regulatory strategy, Type Testing, dossier preparation, translations, submissions, and deficiency handling until final approval.

We've done several projects together and I'm very confident in our ability to deliver on time.

A few of our unique selling points:
1. Contacts in the Beijing type testing lab.
2. Good working relationships with current and ex-CFDA employees.
3. Willingness for success-orient projects (I don't know of any other consulting firm that does this)

If you are interested to hear more about what we do, please send me a private message.

Kind regards,

Shimon Vaknin,
Principal Consultant & Owner

Phone: 972-54-2657101
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