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Success or failures using Quality inspection services in China


Quality Dork

My company is launching a new product and we are going to be getting much of the material from China. As we are working through the pre-launch we are seeing some differences in what we require and what our Chinese supplier has sent us. The cause is that the President of their company signed off on the change and we were never notified. We are scrambling to make up project and testing time, etc. but longer term we do not believe we can trust the Quality of the product consistently coming from them. We do not believe that this issue is isolated to this vendor.
To aleviate some of the risk we are looking into Quality inspection houses in China. We have found some that post inspection results on line allowing for our approval before shipping. It seems like a decent service, but I want to know if anyone else has had success or failure using these types of services out of China. What are the advantages, disadvantages, etc.?
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# Advantages:
- Pay only when needed. Much cheaper than going on site.
- Good at following a checklist if you make it really clear and precise.
- Short notice, easy rescheduling. Factories in China often postpone, and that can make your trip to China basically useless.
- In any case, do NOT let the supplier ship without a QC inspection. Once the goods are on the boat, it is too late to get a real compensation in case of a problem.

# Drawbacks:
- Inspectors are multi-product generalists. Again, your checklist (and your reference sample!) will be important.
- Inspectors are seldom real engineers. It is fine for relatively simple products (most consumer goods, let's say), but not for complex industrial goods.
- Bribery issues, but not as widespread as some people will pretend. If you leave little room for subjectivity in your checklist, and if you work with the right people (SGS and STR have a bad reputation), it should be fine.

I hope it helps.
- Renaud Anjoran,

Joey Pan

Our customer used to ask third parts to inspect our products,but for cost down, now they ask us to inspect by ourselves ,then send the report and guarantee letter to them.i think third part inspection would be a good temporary solution but not a permanent solution.
so here some tips for you:
1.sign a contract with vendor including penalty caused by some issues(quality,delivery,service.etc);
2.choose a good vendor with certificate(ISO9001,14001,TS16949.etc) and have a bunch of famous customers(the better customer,the better quality)
3.assign a engineer to conduct their system, ensure their products meet your requirements;
Hope my advice can help you.
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