Successful 9001:2000 Certification Stories


Aaron Lupo

That’s not entirely true. The draft of 9K2K has been out for quite some time now. I know that there were many of companies that were using the draft copy of it so that when it was finally released that they would be one step ahead of the game.

If you run a sound business Continual Improvement should have been in your plans, training should always be part of your process and if you want to keep you customers (clients) then you should always be enhancing your customers satisfaction. I know that with many of business this should be happening in theory but does not. Am I making any sense?

As far as the auditors being trained on auditing to 9K2K, the registrars will all go at their own pace, I know the registrar we use is not trained on it, and when I ask them questions on 9K2K they are unable to answer me, and that kind of ticks me off, because if my registrar cant answer my questions then what good are they. I know that was a little hard, sorry.


successful stories about 9k2k certification

Are there any successful stories about certification on new ISO standards.
I'm not sure that you were able to show auditors (re-trained?!) the evidence of continual improvement, effectiveness of training and enhancing of your customer's satisfaction.
Am I right?


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I've worked with 3 companies since 1999 that, though registered to the 1994 revision, were structured for, and audited to (because of their documentation content) the DIS. Evidence of continual improvement, effectiveness of training and enhancing of the customer's satisfaction were not big issues.

You use the same basis you used before with the old standard. All three of these issues were part of the old standard to a large degree.

How did you provide evidence of training effectiveness before? (This, of course, is a compound reply - different training may have different ways to evidence effectiveness.

Customer satisfaction - Many possibilities, including surveys, customer returns, etc.

As far as continual improvement - again, there are lots of things to use as evidence. The only 'real' difference here is you have to be more structured than in the past.

I think this aligns with ISO GUY's response.
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