Suggest Packing Instructions for Electrical Control panel


Vinayak Dixit

Hello all

Can anybody provide Instructions or procedures for Electrical control panel packing ?


Depends upon the panel size, handling lifting, distance and mode of transport ....
I have seen panels transported in truck in open condition with no packing or just a polythene sheet wrap ... to secure wooden packing with lifting access.

Vinayak Dixit

Mostly the transit damages.. as our panel size will be around approximately 2000*1500.. more or less... so there should not be any transit damage for the panel as it consist of HMI some displays, components... so any suggestions??


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I had some experience with driver desks - ESD bubble foil (pink) is a must; we used to dispatch them in wooden crates made to order for a specific size. I don't remember how they were secured inside to minimize the impact of shocks during transportation. It was transport by land. If you consider sending by sea, the crate must be leak-proof, I would guess.
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