Suggested KPIs for a Manufacturing Production Business



Please advice on the next.

In a production business

In your experience what kpis culd be better for the next processes?

Production manager
Production data analysis, strategic planning and driving the production area


To plan the work orders, having control of the order, delivery date
assigning priorities according to urgent orders


Supervising work of operators and machines, raising reports
helping operators to reach the production

Manufacturing (operators)
People working on the machines, cutting, soldering. welding,etc.

Actually I have defined the 4 processes in my ISO 9001 2008
Production, Planning, Supervision and manufacturing.

Thanks for your inputs

Tyler C

One of the most common measures, and potentially the biggest is customer satisfaction (clause 8.2.1 of the 2008 standard). This is a shall, but it gives you the freedom to determine how you want to measure customer satisfaction (see note under 8.2.1).

However, this can be somewhat tricky. It is hard to get feedback from the customers about how well things are going, and you're hoping you aren't getting feedback about how things are not going well. So, instead of trying to dig out how satisfied the customer is, determine what sets your company apart (on time shipments is one example) and measure that for customer satisfaction. You can also include the amount of repeat business, but this is subjective because an economic downturn can cause a loss of repeat business even if the customer was satisfied. You could include the number of returns you have, which could indicate poor customer satisfaction if there are a lot. I think you could apply this to your 'planner' process.

For manufacturing/product realization, you could measure calibration results (if equipment is being used that is out of calibration, or all of the used equipment is in calibration), tool maintenance, etc.

I would personally advise against measuring specific people/positions. Measure the processes as described in clause 8.2.3.

I don't know your processes, so the most basic advise I could give would be to determine what is important to the success of your QMS, and measure it in an objective and observable manner.

One last note, the less measures, the better off you are. Of course, you want to measure what is important, but if you have too many measures your focus is split and you can't focus on actual continual improvement, instead you may end up focusing on firefighting (a reactive approach to solving problems). And, keep in mind, for every measure that you do not meet the expectations of, you shall initiate corrections and corrective actions (as appropriate).

I hope this helps.
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