Suggestions for a "budget-conscious" Colorimeter Device


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in the past my company has been using color sample plates for incoming inspection- which seems subjective and is influence to a host of external factors.

I am looking to improve the method by which we inspect powder coated materials when then come in from the vendor; portable device; its own light source. Would be nice if the device were super simple to use (ie place on the device. Push a button. and it says pass / fail) and that wouldn't break the budget.

I may be looking for an "Easy button" where none exists.
Any suggestion on a make/model number?

I look toward your response.
Thank you for your time.
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Re: colorimeter?

Such tools exist, but I don't know if they still have the same limitations that your current method does.

My experience with color and customer satisfaction is that there are many factors.

Lighting, angle of viewing, color sensitivity of the examiner (women can see many more colors than men can), the texture of the powdercoat, the supplier of the powdercoat, batch variation (some colors are custom mixed in small lots, and what you get is what you get - if it's close enough for somebody to accept, the food chain sees that lot, like it or not).

Yeah, the easy button is difficult to locate.


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There's an app for that! (Sort of....)

The "ON Color Measure" app will return RGB values. It won't give a pass / fail, but upper and lower limits for R, G and B could be pre-defined?

I VERY much agree with Normzone about various factors which contribute to different perceptions of color (I'm one of those people who see a lot more differentiation then most...probably one of the reasons I have spent so much of my career looking through microscopes of one sort or another :notme:)

If it were me I would create a setup like this

for the measurement location.

Edited to add: there is also ColorMeter and Color Grab. The Color Grab has the highest ratings.
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I use an X-rite RM 200. Does the job fairly well and will give a pass/fail. We actually use a Delta 2 tolerance as a (internal) standard. Yes, people can see differently, this allows us to match the LAB CH and H values against the (usually) posted specs of the paint or coating. Otherwise, we take a reading on an approved sample and match to that. Saves alot of subjective repainting in the end. This little unit is fairly affordable as well.


We use this one X-rite RM200QC, It works fine, we actually use Delta tolerances, it is used to measure color tones on labels.
The cost it was about 400 USD
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