Suggestions for job interview regarding CCD's (Charge Coupled Device)



Hi guys,

Hopefully someone will be able to help me here with some suggestions for a job interview that I have on Wednesday, for a company that manufactures CCD's (Charge Coupled Device)

You can learn more about the products here

i've already had the first interview, which went successfully, and i've now been called back for the second interview. The remit for the seond interview is simple,

"Can Andy be prepared to present on the Q tools and techniques he would expect e2v to be using on CCDs.

This is an open opportunity for Andy to discuss tools what they are and how they work and what they do."

Nearly all my experience has been in high volume, automotive, this company deals with high tech, low volume so i suspect that running control charts, or 30 piece capability studies may be an issue.

What should I discuss in the presentation apart from the usual suspects 8D, and 5-Why. Obviously they don't expect me to know everything about thier products, having never worked with them before but if i can hopefully target the presentation at low volume productivity that may help.

Cheers in advance

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I can't be of much assistance with the question as you've posed it - all I can do is relate my limited experience with CCDs.

In the late nineties I worked with an outfit that made digital dental cameras. I have to specify digital as it was new tech back then, and there were still other alternatives.

The CCDs we used were purchased from a Japanese supplier. They were small, expensive, and a given amount of flaws was part of the bargain. It was a far more uncertain science than it is these days.

The relationship between my employer and the CCD supplier was tenuous. We were a small volume consumer. When you work in low volume shops the customer does not have much clout with the supplier.

I suspect the interview will be more of a test of your common sense and ability to get along with people than a quiz about your knowledge of analytical technique.

I'd rather hire somebody with the basic skillset and a good attitude, then teach them the specific I wanted them to perform, rather than hire somebody who was challenging to work with that had exactly the experience I needed. That's the screening we used in my last few employers.

However it turns out, please return here and let us know. Thanks, and break a leg.
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Ok chaps. Had the second interview, and fumbled my way through a half arsed presentation around what quality tools i would expect e2v to be using.

Cut a long story short, i was offered the job :D

I know it was probably a subjective question to ask in the first place, however i do feel that being a member of this forum has helped me get where i am today, the font of knowledge in this place is exceptional, and i can only say thank you.

I may not post much compared to others, but i do search and read a lot to find solutions to issues and problems I have encountered.

Anyhoo, I start in may, and i'm dead chuffed.
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