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Hello Covers,

I am looking to wow Management during our next Management Review. Attached is an example of what we review during the meeting. Over-all rejections to be specific.

So the graph shows each category, the percentage of each, and it is comparing 5 years.

How else should I break this down? I don't want to provide too much information, but I want to provide the type of information that will be helpful.

Right now the graph seems too vauge to me.

I was hoping you all could provide me some ideas of what else I could do with this topic during the meeting.

Thank you!!! :bigwave:


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I am not sure if this will help or not, but add actual number of rejections. You are showing between 1-2% rejection. What are the actual numbers: 100 parts are different than 20,000 parts to make the 1-2%.

The personal issue I have with graphs they seem (to me) to be a way of showing general trends to people who do not understand basic numbers (I admit I have issues with graphs :)).


Minor change: I use a line graph not a bar graph for 5 year trends.

Also, you may want to generate a Pareto chart for each reason for rejection to determine root causes to focus on.
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