Suggestions of Videos for Internal QUALITY Training


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Do you have suggestions of videos for QUALITY internal training Purposes ?
Like Health & safety has NAPCO.... there is something similar for QUALITY?


Jen Kirley

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Good day amiuda, I am sorry for the delay in responding.

Roles and responsibilities differ widely in Quality now as they always have. Who is the audience? Management? Quality engineers? Supervisors? Support personnel like HR, IT, Purchasing? Operators? Your information is likely to differ among these groups.


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Given how easy it is to make videos these days, I've always advocated making your own as a tool to answer that question. It can be fun to ask " What does quality mean to you" or "How do you contribute to the quality of our products" of employees and release an edited version as a training tool.

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I have found that employee's retain and use the information when the training is specific to the company and department they work in. It allows them to directly apply the knowledge right away and without having to translate.
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