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Suitable CE Mark Directives - Product Families




We are looking for CE Marking Certification and we are confused about which directive/s we should follow we have products family (Brass gas injectors for cookers, brass bolts, steel bolts & terminals for adaptors & conductors)

please, provide me with the information of which directives we should follow

Thank you very much in advance


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The other place to look is:

I would look at first "appliances burning gaseous fuels" and "construction products".

The important thing is to determine whether you are in scope of one or more Directives:
- if you are you need to follow required process to CE mark the product
- if you are not, you don't.

Do not CE mark a product that doesn't need it - but have a document that explains why CE marking is not applicable.

(to confirm - I don't know much about those particular Directives, so don't know whether they are applicable or not)

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There's an important thing to understand. When affixing a CE mark it's a declaration that the manufacturer and the product are in compliance with ALL applicable directives that include provisions for CE marking (not all EC directives do). So you have to ensure you identified ALL such directives and complied with ALL before affixing the mark.

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