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Hello to the collective.
Seeking some clarification on a quirky Aerospace item my company handles.

- Historically the design/product was our own many moons ago before being sold.
- My organisation procures a 'KOP' - Kit Of Parts, from the current OEM supplier that purchased the rights to produce.
- My organisaiton does not hold a formal drawing of the kit - only a 'one pager' identifying (In text) where to procure from and the OE's Part number (Two top level items drawing numbers that we also do not hold).
- All that I can identify on our system is a 'Control spec' document outlining technical requirments that the assembly should meet and the 'One pager' document referenced above.
- FAIR coverage is an 18 year old document completed against the 'one pager' text document and does not outline any of the many piece part items that constitute the KOP.

The OEM organsiation;
- DO NOT mark any of the sub level items which are all individually bagged without Part Numbers, Qty or rev on any of the parts.
- DO NOT identify upon the C of C the KOP contents - only the drawing supplied against.
- DO NOT supply a kit list outlining what the KOP contains for our GII or end user to validate content against.
- Have inferred that it is our organisations issue when releasing these KOP's onwards to control the configuation (That we have no visibility of!).

They are AS9100 approved which I find worrying from the above stance and lack of controls in place upon supplied components IAW AS9100 Rev D – Section 8.5.2 Identification and Traceability.
Historically this is an older part that has always been handled the same way - Im looking to ensure we're now handling this correctly going forwards.

My Question;
- Would I be within my rights to request a current FAIR from the OEM supplier covering the complete KOP against their control drawings?
- How would one go about addressing drop off's like this with older parts typically. Engineering putting a control drawing together, feeding back into the OEM that their not processing components correctly.

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