Supplier Audit checklist for special processes


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Audit checklist for special processes

Hello all,

Does anyone have supplier audit checklists for special processes (i.e. painting, plating, heat treating, etc.)? I've looked over many web sites and can't find anything (and I hate to reinvent the wheel).




Is this checklist one that the Supplier fills out and mails back to you, or you actually use to audit the Supplier?

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talk to your registrar. they have to create guide notes for each industry they are listed for maybe they will share. I have seen some books you can purchase from industry trade magazines that would guide you. Other than that specific ones would be tough to find. Most auditors have that stuff in their heads not on paper. Like the tickler questions when you see heat involved in a process, etc.(then that leads you down a path of why, when, who?) i had seen a book on heat treat, but have long since forgotten what it was...something like "ISO 9000 in the heat treat plant" it came from a seminar someone attended. I know there is one on ESD/cleanrooms.
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