Supplier Audits - Sales department wants me to add a section on the environment



We are currently 9000:1994. I am updating all our vendor audits. The sales department wants me to add a section on the environment. I only need a couple questions to add, but I have no idea what to ask about. For background, we make aluminum castings and most our vendors are machine shops, painters, and metal suppliers.

Please help!


C Emmons

How about something to do with Hazardous Materials/Chemicals.
Do they have them?
Do they maintain MSDS (Material Safety Data Sheets)
Who is their emergency response provider?

Disposal of used oil?

I am sure you will get alot of great ideas from the Cove, but hopefully these will generate some ideas.

Mike Smith

How about asking them if they are certified to ISO-14001 (Environmental Management System). If they are not, are their any plans to be certified. This is one standard that seems to be catching on these days, not only to the automotive suppliers

Jimmy Olson

I would agree that asking about 14001 would be a good idea. Ask if they have any kind of environmental policy even if they are not 14001 certified.

Some other questions could be how they handle any hazardous waste, if they have a response plan in case of a spill, or review their hazardous communication plan (which ties into the MSDS's).

You could even just make it as simple as asking if they are aware of the environmental impacts associated with their company.

Hope that helps somewhat (never claimed to be an environmental expert :) )


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Hi Machelle,

IMO, add a Subcontractor Performance Management, wherein you perform an audit to your vendor and then evaluating their products. Measure their performance to track the following: Delivery, Quality of the Service they provide, Quality of the Product (What is their rejection rate?).

Hope this helps.

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Raffy :cool:

Shaun Daly

Theres a few Environmental questions on here, I dont know if it would be appropriate to you or not, these questions reflect our old parent companies group policy.


Thank you everyone. :eek: This helps out alot. Now I can complete my audit.

Machelle :biglaugh:


In addtion to the above you might want to ask if they have ever been fined/cited/sued for an environmental issue. This could be a big business factor if there is a judgement against them, need to do major clean up, etc. For the vendors you issue there is probably not a major issue pending based on the commodity, but if your painter is subject to air emission reporting, has not done it, and gets caught it could affect their ability to supply.

Just a thought,

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