Supplier Evaluation - Evaluating transport suppliers and equipment suppliers



I'm implementing a ISO 9002 system in a detergency factory. I would like to evaluate the transport supplier´s and equipment´s suppliers with a quality contrat. The evaluation will be made with the conformity or non conformity to the terms of that contrat. Do you know where I can get some ideas to write this quality contrat?


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You've sorta got me confused. My question to you is what do you want the 'contract' based upon?

Alan Cotterell

In Australia we use AS4000 - General conditions of contract, for guidance as well as AS4911 - General conditions for supply of equipment without installation. Also AS2988 Instrument of agreement - supply of equipment.

These are available at Standards of Australia

However I suggest you approach the National Standards Body (ANSI ?)in your country for similar standards, which would probably be more applicable.
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